Horror Headlines 6/18/08

If you're bored at work today (and who are you kidding, you're reading this), than you can check out a bunch of extra clips from "Halloween: 25 Years of Terror". The film came out a few years ago and did an amazing job of chronicling everything it could about the "Halloween" series. Now director Stephan Hutchinson is sharing all the leftover goodies on his Youtube channel that didn't make it on the DVD. So check it out, yo.

More "X-Files 2" pics. It's times like these that I begin to wonder if we all just fall in line with company's marketing campaigns like little lemmings. I guess the answer's yes.

Today unleashes a complete overhaul for the official site to "Jack Brooks: Monster Slayer". The film is pretty sweet, if you like Robert Englund hamming it up and hilariously obvious Canadian accents. And really, who doesn't love those things?

You too can help Clive Barker save his "Midnight Meat Train", which is not sexual at all even though it kind of sounds like it. Anyways, info on Barker's call to action at the link.

In Real People News: 

The Japanese Cannibal Otaku Killer couldn't escape execution this week, despite his genius "the Rat-Man did it" defense. For the life of me, I can't see why it didn't work. He should have hired R. Kelly's lawyers.

Jabbing a shower curtain through someone's eye is something I'd see in a direct to video zombie movie and say "no way that could happen". Wouldn't you know it, I was wrong.

In this day in age of insane crime fighting technology, it's sort of nice to know that some old lady can get away with killing 5 of her husbands before anyone bats an eyebrow. Okay it's not nice per say, but it's at least interesting.

On this day in history: 

1900: The Empress Dowager of China orders all foreigners killed. Among those meeting this fate are the foreign diplomats, their families, as well as hundreds of Christian missionaries and their Chinese converts.

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