Horror Headlines: Thursday June 17th, 2010

Brace yourselves, kids: Konami has released an extended trailer for the highly-anticipated "Silent Hill 8", a franchise that desperately needs a hit. I'll be the first to admit there was quite a bit of butt-clenching going on. Those games scare the hell out of me. Seriously.

Sick of documentary-style horror flicks? If so, perhaps the upcoming Chinese genre outing "31 Degrees North Latitude" isn't the film for you. The plot: Scientists venture into the wildnerness to unravel the mystery behind a local legend. Why, that doesn't sound familiar at all!

Once upon a time, I complained about a serious lack of horror/westerns. Now that I've seen the trailer for "The Dead and the Damned", I'm officially retracting my complaint. Please, for the love of God, stop making horror/westerns, especially ones that feature zombies. That includes you, Romero.

Those of you who are still waiting for "Predators" to make its mark in theaters this summer might want to have a gander at this impossibly large gallery of images, many of which include pictures of the titular beasts themselves. As cool as these pictures may be, I shall retain my chin-scratching skepticism.

In Real People News: 

Do you know what goes good with grapes? A pair of angry black widow spiders. I always knew that Whole Foods was plotting to destroy mankind, though until now it was unclear as to how they would achieve this goal. Well played, you healthy bastards.

An ambitious drug trafficker with a questionable amount of ingenuity managed to to smuggle 506 pounds of pot on a plane bound for Ohio. Her secret: Stashing the grass in 13 separate suitcases. You go, girl. You go to prison.

On this day in history: 

1994 - After refusing to turn himself into the police, O.J. Simpson leads authorities on a widely-televised pursuit through Brentwood, California in a white Ford Bronco.



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