Horror Headlines 6/4/08

If you live in the US, tonight marks the television debut of NBC's "Fear Itself", which of course is the new incarnation of the "Masters of Horror" series formerly on Showtime. Show creator Mick Garris is long dropped out from the project, citing creative differences with NBC. Through all of this I'm still somehow excited for this, so expect some sort of write up from one or all of us tomorrow. So don't forget, tonight at 10/9c on NBC. See you there!

Here is the second trailer for "X-Files 2". The release is only about a month away. I've got to say that this movie is actually making me want to go back and revisit the show, but going through all 8 seasons (?) seems like a daunting task. Is it worth it?

Universal is planning a MUSICAL version of "Creature From the Black Lagoon" for it's Hollywood park. In some weird nonsensical way, this sounds like it could be fun. This is not (at this point anyways) going to effect Breck Eisner's planned reboot of the original film that is still in development at Universal.

Matthijs van Heijningen will be helming the Zack Snyder produced zombie film "Army of the Dead". This is the first news on this film in a while, which Snyder has described as "the ultimate Zombie movie". Snyder ("Dawn of the Dead", "300") definitely has the chops to pull it off, so maybe once he does it we can finally take a break from zombie films... please?

In Real People News: 

Man claims that within a month he will reveal a car to the world that runs mostly on water. Genius, create a car that runs on the one thing that's becoming almost as scarce in the world as gasoline. It's foolproof.

Good news! Icelandic residents have spotted the first Polar Bear in Iceland in nearly 20 years. The bad news however, is that police shot it.

On this day in history: 

1968: Seconds after Senator Robert F. Kennedy is shot dead by Sirhan Sirhan in a Los Angeles hotel, witnesses wrestle the Palestinian to the ground and grab his smoking .22-caliber revolver. Sirhan later claims to have been acting unconsciously, possibly the result of hypnotic brainwashing.

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