Horror News 4/18/08

Here's a list of theaters that the French film "Frontier(s)" will be playing starting May 9th. Maybe once we see this we can finally discover why that pesky "S" is in parenthases.

The first still from Alexandre Aja's "Mirrors". It also made my day, because I had no idea that man's man Kiefer Sutherland is in it. Hey, you try watching 24 and not idealizing the guy after 1 episode. This one time he threatened to put a towel down someone's throat, wait until their stomach started to digest it, and then yank it out along with his insides. For those keeping score, yes it was the most badass thing ever.

And while doing some editing on "Mirrors", Aja is talking about his next project, the remake of "Piranha". He says, "“PIRANHA is going to be SUPER GORY. I think we can do something really scary and fun at the same time He then talks some about the 3D tech being used, "We were on the set of P2 talking about how excited we all were for AVATAR, when we started talking about how a true R-rated horror film in 3-D would be the ultimate experience, and immersion into a nightmare". I never thought I'd be excited for a "Piranha" remake, but I definitely am now!

In Real People News: 

If you're going to kill someone and then claim self defense, try to stop at the stabbing. Cutting the guy's head off and then torching him sort of ruins the deal.

Some Russian dude went out for a night of drinking recently, took a train home, slept all night and had breakfast before his wife noticed there was a knife in his back. Every time someone tries to tell me that the idea that Russians drink too much is an untrue stereotype, something like this comes along and proves me wrong in spectacular fashion. Thanks, Russia, for brightening up my Friday.

Did you guys know it's Spring Break Time? Well, it totally is... and this dude is going to celebrate by doing a super impressive gymnastics routine. The money shot is at about the :07 second mark, because you know I wouldn't be posting this unless it ended HORRIBLY.

On this day in history: 

1955: Nobel Prize recipient Albert Einstein dies in his hospital bed from a ruptured aortic aneurysm. Seven hours later, his brain is plunked into a jar of formalin and taken away by the pathologist. It will remain missing for 23 years.

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