Horror Headlines: Thursday March 15th, 2010

I've been following Tim Six's "The Human Centipede" for a while now, and I simply cannot wait until this thing hits DVD so I can prove to everyone just how sick I really am. In the meantime, this latest promotional clip is all I have to keep my demented sensibilities satisfied until its release.

Director Danny Pang's latest cinematic endeavorchronicles the adventures of a cop who investigates a series of murders based on Fairy Tales.The name of the movie: "Fairy Tale Killer". Not a wholly original title, but an intriguing premise nonetheless.

I've been holding out for a feature trailer for Gasper Noe's "Enter the Void" for quite some time now. Fortunately for everyone, a clip has finally hit this complicated series of interconnected computers we're all currently addicted to. It's definitely not safe for work, so be sure to have you boss stop by while you're watching it.

In Real People News: 

If you live in the Midwest, there's a very strong possibility you saw what appeared to be a large fireball light up the sky last night. Rest assured that both Will Smith and Jeff Goldblum have been contacted in case a large, omnious spacecraft emerges from the clouds. Good thing I taught my dog how to dodge explosions last year.

In order to get some peace and quiet at an Australian hotel, a disgruntled man picks up a nearby python and proceeds to get the job done. If the other guy had brought a mongoose, that would have been classic. I'm sure the SyFy channel has already snapped up the movie rights.

On this day in history: 

1912 - The Titanic hits an iceberg and takes an impromptu voyage to the bottom of the sea.



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