Horror Headlines: Wednesday April 8th, 2009

Michael Myers spends nearly 70% of the new "Halloween" film without his mask on? Wonderful, just when you thought Zombie had run out of ways to rape your favorite childhood horror franchise. That guy's pretty inventive, isn't he?

According to the "H2" Myspace we should be seeing a trailer for the film soon, and other sites are reporting that the teaser will be attached to "Crank 2". Which would be great, because I can only report on so many behind the scenes videos or unrelated promos. I have to take a shower after each one to wash the feeling of being Rob Zombie's whore off... and that takes up a lot of time that I just don't have these days.

The Weinstein's have lost the rights to "Sin City 2". The newly freed up film is expected to be financed by a "private equity group", with some type of announcement coming soon. What we do know is that Robert Rodriguez's production company will still be producing, and they'll probably cast another stripper who won't take her clothes off. Joy.

Apparently I had forgotten the announcement that "Train" actually wasn't a remake of "Terror Train", and that an actual remake of that Jamie Lee Curtis classic slasher was in the works. Well, that did actually happen, and word comes now that cameras are about to roll fairly soon on the real "Terror Train" remake, this one NOT starring Thora Birch. Got all that? Good, because it was really important.

In Real People News: 

69 year old woman survives crashing into three cars and then a house, then the ambulance gets in an accident on the way to the hospital. Haven't you ever seen "Final Destination", lady? You should let Death win... he'll get you eventually. Just ask Devon Sawa.

A man reading a book and laughing in the woods in Germany prompted a search party because a woman thought someone was being tortured. When they eventually found him they decided to arrest him anyway, just for being creepy as hell. Who reads in the woods by themselves?

Could Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe be in possession of the Ark of the Covenant? I don't know, but let's dig up Harrison Ford's corpse so he can go find out for us. Oh, he's not dead? Whoops.

On this day in history: 

1994: Kurt Cobain's body is found 3 days after committing suicide with a shotgun.

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