Horror Headlines: Friday March 27th, 2009

Just sitting in an airport here, waiting for my flight to Indianapolis for Horror Hound Weekend. For updates on all the debauchery, you can always follow us on Twitter. If of course you don't give a crap about how much fun we're having, your regularly scheduled programming will resume on Monday. And don't forget, Lionsgate's "The Haunting in Connecticut" gets released across the country today. You've only got until midnight to enter our contest to win a poster, so you better get on that before it's too late. Until then my friends, I'm out!

Eric Heisserer has been brought on to rewrite the script for the "Thing" prequel that's currently in production. If his name sounds familiar, it's because he was also hired recently to rewrite the script for the "A Nightmare on Elm St." remake. Guess this guy's carving himself out quite a little niche for himself. No specific word was given as to what was wrong with the first draft.

Weird Al Yankovic has a cameo in Rob Zombie's "H2". I would usually make a snarky joke here, but my mother taught me if you don't have anything nice to say, you shouldn't say anything at all. They call that growth, people.

Mark Millar of "Wanted" (the comic book) fame, has a project in the works called "American Jesus", about a modern day Jesus taking on Satan. Sounds pretty sweet to me. Rest assured that I'll have Pete (our very own comic book guy) do some more investigating.

Trailer for the Finnish horror film "Skeleton Crew". See, I told you yesterday that the next wave of horror was to be Scandinavian flavored. Maybe next time you'll believe me.

In Real People News: 

You know how sometimes in movies, someone will jump from a building and someone else will try and catch them? Ya, in real life the one who does the catching usually dies.

Remember that crazy psychic chick from the 90's, Miss Cleo? Apparently she lives pretty close to me, and is now a lesbian. Go figure.

Pirates seem to be coming back in a big way recently. Have you noticed that? It's definitely strange. Anyways, here's a story about how they killed a guy. No punchline... I just think pirates are weird.

On this day in history: 

30: Pontius Pilate condemns Jesus to death.

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