Horror Headlines 3/6/08

I didn't think it was possible, but the alternate ending to "I Am Legend" target="_blank">is actually crappier than the theatrical ending. Check the video at the link. And is it just me, or has the CGI actually gotten worse? Maybe I just had time to cleanse my brain of it.

We finally have a debut date for "Fear Itself". Thursday, May 29th at 10pm, is when we'll all be seeing this new incarnation of "The Masters of Horror" on NBC. The 10pm time slot is a good thing as far as content, but it remains to be seen as to the quality. We'll find out soon enough.

Apparently, director David Gordon is claiming that he's href="http://www.bloody-disgusting.com/news/11496" target="_blank">still in talks to remake "Suspiria", and that there are some Italian producers that are "very interested" in seeing this project to fruition.
This is in contradiction to previous reports that the project was dead.
I may have to go into hiding after saying this, but I think this is one
of those that could actually benefit from a redux, as long as
it's done right. (ducks to avoid tomatoes)

More target="_blank">spoiler photos from "X-Files 2". These don't involve any creatures, but they are pretty spoilerific (I couldn't help it, I looked). So, there's your daily dose of "X-Files" spoilers. By the time this is all over I'll know everything that happens in the movie before I even get the chance to see it.

Can you imagine driving to work and href="http://www.bloody-disgusting.com/news/11502"
target="_blank">seeing this? Apparently Universal paid a bunch of people to stand outside on a Hollywood street dressed like the post-apocalyptic peeps from Niel Marshall's "Doomsday" (in theaters March 14th). By the way, I call shenanigans on the chick in the foreground of the first photo... if you lived in a ravaged, post-apocalyptic wasteland, I highly doubt you would be able to get your hands on a pair of hipster glasses... just sayin.

In Real People News: 

Man goes on trial for pedophilia, gets convicted, and href="http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/23483293/" target="_blank">promptly jumps out a courthouse window. If only all of these guys were so helpful as to get rid of themselves for us.

If the idea of blood sausage sounds disgusting enough to you, how about if they're made target="-blank">with human blood? No? Still gross? The best part
about the story at the link is that the people gave up their blood
voluntarily for the sausages. Only in Germany, I guess.

On this day in history: 

1918: The US naval vessel "Cyclops" vanishes in the Bermuda Triangle.

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