Horror Headlines: Monday January 26th, 2009

New web trailer for "Coraline". It's definitely a kid oriented film, but it appears to have some severely dark undertones to it. I also have never read the book, but I've seen the trailer in 3D twice now, and I have to say I'm pretty excited for it. Anyone else?

The XBOX360 game "Lost Planet" is being adapted into a feature length film. The game is a "Gears of War" style 3rd person shooter, set on a distant planet covered in snow and ice. Instead of "energy", the players have thermal units that represent the heat that keeps them alive. Also, you have a "Bionic Commando" type grappling hook at your disposal. The proposed budget is between 150 and 200 million dollars. Pretty noteworthy considering how much people are tightening their purse-strings these days.

Some cool "Night of the Living Dead" old school style figures, complete with real clothes! Also, the one of Ben comes with 100% more pimptasticness.

Red Band trailer for Thomas Jane's "Mutant Chronicles", which will get a release direct to "Video on Demand" April 24th, followed by a limited theatrical run immediately after.

In Real People News: 

Police in Nigeria are are holding a goat on suspicion of car theft. The goat was handed to them by a group of vigilantes, who insist that the goat is merely a shapeshifter using black magic to evade capture. Police are so confident they've got their... er ... man, that they paraded it in front of reporters so they could get a good look at it.

France and the United States are the world's biggest consumers of frog meat... The biggest difference being of course that the French serve it in fancy restaurants, and Americans fry it up fireside after a day of ATV'ing in the swamp.

I have no idea how you steal a 5 foot long shark from a pet store without anyone noticing (or having your testicles bitten off), but I invite any theories in the comments.

Nerd fight! Nerd fight! The scariest thing about this video series is that it makes me wonder if I'm like that just by virtue of having a movie site. Please lord let the answer be NO.

On this day in history: 

1971: Charles Manson and three of his followers are convicted in Los Angeles of the Tate and LaBianca murders. All were sentenced to the gas chamber, with sentences commuted to life imprisonment when the death penalty was temporarily abolished, allowing us to galk at Manson's parole trials every few years.

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