Horror Headlines: Friday January 23rd, 2009

Even though I'm not a Rob Zombie fan, even I have to admit that this is a pretty interesting interview that Tim Sullivan did with Zombie recently. And by "interesting", I mean "infuriating to the point of tearing out what little hair I still have left". Read on to find out how he's going to do with Laurie Strode what he did with Michael in the first film (ie overanalyze her), and how he thinks if you have an opinion on horror films, you're a big jerkface.

New "Friday the 13th" posters. One is a giant pic of Jason's mask, and one is (from what I've read on other sites) oddly similar to a gang symbol. Hmmm...

When it comes to making slashers you can even go the subdued, John Carpenter's "Halloween" type route, or you can have a dude in a bunny suit. It's your move, filmmakers.

"Underworld: Rise of the Lycans", starring Rhona Mitra opens wide today. On the red carpet last night, director of the original and current producer Len Wiseman talked about the possibility of the franchise turning into a TV series. And you know what? It's actually not that bad of an idea.

In Real People News: 

A cop was so excited about making his first arrest, he refused to stop chasing the suspect even though he had a tree branch stuck in his eye. Now that's dedication folks. Would you continue your job with a stick in your eye?

One British Cabinet member was overheard saying recently, "The banks are fucked, we're fucked, the country's fucked." He's no Barack Obama, but you have to give him credit for being something of a poet.

Another day, another violently homosexual hazing ritual at a high school. Apparently every football player in the country, every year, is sick on the day that their English teachers discuss the meaning of "irony". That's a weird coincidence, don't you think?

On this day in history: 

1996: A professional bungee jumper practicing for the Superbowl was killed during rehearsal. Laura Patterson, 43, died of massive head injuries at the New Orleans Superdome.

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