Horror Headlines: Tuesday January 20th, 2009

Alexandre Aja will not make his original release date of July 24th with "Piranha 3D". It seems the film will still be going through some finishing touches, and won't be ready. He does assure us though that he will make a 2009 release.

MonstersHD, the closest thing we've ever had to a full-fledged, uncut horror movie channel, is officially dead. A message on their site broke the news today. It's unfortunate news for horror fans, as the channel aired many horror films in HD before they were even released on Blu-ray, making it a premiere destination for DishNetwork customers. That apparently wasn't enough to keep it afloat though. If you own DishNetwork, be sure to write the company and let them know that you're unhappy about it.

Adam Green teases "Hatchet 2" on his Myspace with a poster. The first one was definitely flawed, but it was undeniably fun so I would love to give this series a second go.

The phrase Straight to DVD "Amityville" sequel along the lines of "Ghosthunters" isn't helping my current stomach issues one bit.

In Real People News: 

Planning on attending Obama's innaugural Pig-Sex Orgy? Bad news, the DoubleTree hotel chain has shut it down. Damn, now what am I going to do today?

Ax swinging Juggalo (or, fan of the Insane Clown Possee for those not in the know) gets convicted for murder. Meanwhile, my petition to have all fans of ICP thrown in jail for having horrible, horrible taste is still being ignored. Where's the justice in that?

On this day in history: 

1942: The Wannsee Conference is held in Berlin, determining the Final Solution of European Jews.

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