Newest Suicide Girl Not Actually a Human Being

As Eric already knows, I've absolutely never been a fan of Suicide Girls. It's entire foundation is based on "breaking the mold" by offering up an "alternative" (get it!) to Playboy by replacing plastic chicks with pallid ex Hot Topic employees with tattoos, extraneous piercings, and fragile StayPuft marshmallow skin. All points that I would have to make aside from personal preference are pretty well documented in this well known blogpost from a few years ago, The Death of Suicide Girls.

The only thing worthwhile that the site has provided me with was a few sets of "tastefully done" (lol) nude photographs of two ladies who I happen to see on campus every day at RIT. Aside from seeing them naked, I now know the secret of how truly bad their tattoos that I had only just presumed were horrible in the past really are.

You may find it interesting to know that the latest suicide girl is in fact, not even real. Anyone familiar with "Hack/Slash" comic book series would recognize Cassie, the buxom protagonist who episodically exacts her revenge on monsters/killers/and the sort. If you have in the past tried picturing what she looked like removing her bloodstained clothes and tossing them in the wash, and you have a Suicide Girls account, it's your lucky day you weirdo!


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