New Web Series "The Captive" Now Online

Web series are all the rage on the intertubes these days and more and more the quality of them is getting better. Are they going to kill cable TV? Probably not but seeing a series like “The Captive” getting picked up by The Sundance Channel is pretty impressive. On top of that it also features Michael Gladis of “Mad Men”. Not too shabby!

“The Captive” is a science fiction/action thriller set in an unspecified future. The series follows an unsuspecting twenty-something who is spirited away to the depths of a secret prison, where he is faces a brutal interrogation and attempts to escape with the help of a seductive but enigmatic Trustee.

The series was created by Stuart Hynson Culpepper and Karin Diann Williams and took home the 2008 New York Television Festival Award for Best Web Series Pilot. You can check out a short promo for the series below and head on over to to check out all twelve episodes.


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