New "Survival of the Dead" clip on Romero's MySpace page

Zzzzzzzzzzzz...what? Oh, there's a new clip of the Sarge character talking about the scenario of "Survival of the Dead" up on George Romero's MySpace page.href>

Apparently Romero's people don't understand promotion in the era of Web 2.0, as the video isn't embeddable (they tried on other horror websites, too, and it says something about being Private!) I'm still waiting for something about this movie to make me give a shit. Romero undoubtedly began and shaped the modern American zombie film and created the zombie we know in pop culture today (they never ate flesh before the first Dead film, for instance)...but dude should just retire at this point. The genre he created has been taken to far more interesting places by younger folks, and is so mainstream it's losing all meaning.

Hmm, apparently I put on my grumpy pants. Make that my grumpy butcher's apon. Sweet dreams!



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