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Hey there ladies and gents! You might remember me as "That guy that used to write at Bloody Good Horror a lot", then again, you might not! I don't write metal reviews, so hard to squeeze into the ranks here, am i right? I kid, I kid because I love. While the writing has slowed down over the past few years, I apparently still love the sound of my own voice, so the podcasting has still been going hot and heavy.

In addition to my time on the Bloody Good Horror Podcast, or my time celebrating the old timey greatness of Hammer Horror over at the 1951 Down Place Podcast, I've got a new-ish show right here at BGH called The Instomatic! A couple of times a month, my co-host Charlie, (Yes, Charlie who writes here at BGH!) sit down and talk about movies available on instant watch. I'm told it's a fantastic show, you should check it out! (Note: I'm pretty biased, opinions on "fantastic" may or may not be inflated.)

In light of that and the greatest technological innovation of the century, my Google Chromecast, (Another Note: I don't read the news much.) I spend a lot of time on Instant Watch! They've been adding some decent flicks here as of late, so I figure I'm going to start highlighting some of the genre additions to the service for you every Friday! After all, who the hell wants to work on Fridays when you can slack off and watch movie trailers instead!

Here Comes the Devil

A married couple looses their kids during a trip to Tijuana. Always a pain, if I had a quarter for every time I lost a kid in Tijuana, well...I wouldn't be writing for BGH for free! When the kids return, they're something not quite right about them. Having not seen this flick myself, I'd say from watching the above trailer and looking at the title, we can deduce that we know what's wrong with the kids! All the same, it looks like a good outing for a weekend streaming session if your'e looking for some scares.

The Eagle

Released all the way back in 2011, "The Eagle" was easily over looked. Our biggest exposure to C-Tates (Read: My biggest exposure to C-Tates) at this point was "G.I. Joe" and we hadn't be graced with "21 Jump Street" yet. So it's easy to accept that one wouldn't be that excited about seeing a Channing Tatum flick yet. In hind site, I can admit that Tatum is a pretty cool cat, so going back to watching him hack and slash some fools in leather armor could be entertaining. Then again, it's only PG-13 so I don't expect a lot of blood and guts in the fight scenes, so this could be a risky venture.


That's right. Here's proof that Leprechauns are real, because your wishes have been granted. You can now watch Jennifer Anniston's finest cinematic masterpiece as much as you want! Who's up for a weekly viewing party?

G.I. Joe: Retaliation

Light years beyond what it's predecessor brought us, "G.I. Joe: Retaliation" excels on every front that the original "G.I. Joe" failed at! Then again, I'm a huge Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson fan boy and uh...well...yeah, that probably fuels my rose colored glasses. Still...lots of stuff explodes, Bruce Willis makes 'i'm getting old' jokes and...The Rock. What more do you need on those late night, post bar, make the room stop spinning, movie watching nights?


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