Netflix Streaming Friday - Week of November 6, 2010

Oh 1995, how great you were!

The economy was chugging along, fueling the American spirit. A little thing called the internet was beginning to bud and was making millionaires left and right for doing absolutely nothing. Christopher Reeve was Superman. Kirstie Alley was attractive. Mark Hamill was getting regular film work.

When I was nine, John Carpenter's "Village of the Damned" kicked ass. I remember renting it from a local video store and watching it with Dad and being amazed at some of the stuff in the movie, particularly a scene involving a scalpel. I haven't seen the movie since then, but thanks for Netflix's Instant Watch, I can now take a trip down memory lane and see how well it holds up today.

I mean, things haven't changed too much since 1995, right?



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