Netflix Streaming Friday - Week of February 4th, 2011

Most of the country is frozen solid. I woke up Wednesday only to be greeted with at least an inch of ice over my balcony, a spun out moving van on the tree lawn and an inch of ice on the street below so thick that I could see if from my ninth floor apartment. And we got off lucky. It's nuts.

It's weeks like this where I just want to curl up on the couch and throw on some good flicks. Luckily for us, Netflix has been adding a steady stream of classic horror flicks to the Instant Stream in recent weeks. And oddly enough, despite writing for a horror site, I haven't seen most of these films. What better time to catch up on them than when I'm staying warm and trying to stay out of the frigid cold?

Right now, there's three big ones up that are looking pretty good to me. First up, you've the got the classic "Bride of Frankenstein", which I have seen. And it's good. Real good. Next, we've got the original "The Wolfman", which, like many things, is probably better without Benicio Del Toro ("Usual Suspects" not withstanding). And finally, what classic horror marathon can be complete without your giant radioactive monster creature flick? "Them!", a film about giant ants, can fit that role nicely.

So, BGH faithful, what are you watching this weekend?