Netflix Streaming Friday - Week of December 3rd, 2010

Let's roleplay a bit. You're a television executive working for Animal Planet. You're hearing pitches for the upcoming season. After hearing numerous pitches for shows involving puppies, puppy cops, puppy doctors and wannabe Steve Irwins, I burst into your office with the following pitch:

"You know that movie "Cloverfield"? What if we take that, combine it all those crazy documentaries on the History Channel about the mothman, bigfoot and all that shit and then make a weekly anthology horror mockumentary show in the vein of "Tales from the Crypt?"

What do you say? Do you shoot it down because it's obvious it'll never work? Or do you take a risk and say yes?

Well, if you said yes, you just successfully greenlit the show "Lost Tapes", which is available for your immediate entertainment on the Netflix Instant Stream. Honestly, this show is terrible. But it's so charmingly awful, I can't stop watching it. There's something about watching the recovered first person footage of an illegal immigrant family getting stalked and killed by a chupacabra while sneaking across the border, a super cute girl getting harassed by a plesiosaur on a sail boat or watching some frat bros getting ambushed by giant "Dune"-esque sandworms while on ATVs that is so incredible awesome, I just can't turn away.

Anthology horror is sadly pretty rare these days. While this show is nowhere near the levels of "Tales from the Crypt", "Tales from the Darkside" or even "Monsters", it's worth a look.

Seriously though, man-eating sand worms. How awesome is that?



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