Netflix Streaming Friday: "Twin Peaks"

David Lynch. You either love him or hate him. Me, I love the dude. While I can't explain a single one of his movies, that doesn't stop me from thinking they're awesome. What is Dennis Hooper huffing in "Blue Velvet"? No idea. All I know is that Frank Booth might be one of my favorite screen villains ever and that I haven't been able to drink Heineken since seeing that movie. It also doesn't help that it tastes terrible, but that's another story entirely.

However, there's one big gap in my David Lynch experience. I've never watched "Twin Peaks". Ever. Not one single episode. Could be because it was on when I was four, but I've never been able to watch Lynch's television masterpiece in full. Previous DVD releases were either marred by technical issues leaving them unwatchable or horrendously expensive and missing important things, like, you know, the Pilot episode.

But alas, Netflix saves the day again. You can now stream every episode of "Twin Peaks" in it's entirety.

Now if you excuse me, I have thirty hours of bizarre, nonsensical, awesome-ass television to catch up on.



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