Narrows "Gypsy Kids" Video

Yesterday the band Narrows posted a video for the track “Gypsy Kids” which comes of their new CD “New Distances”. Director Craig Murray has created one of the most brutal videos I’ve ever seen. I’m 100% sure this will never find it’s way on to MTV or any other TV channel for that matter in the US. There’s no storyline to it really, but there is a whole lot of mutilation, bare asscheeks and of course blood. I had nightmares last night.

You may not be familiar with Narrows but you might recognize the lead vocals of Dave Verellen, who fronted the band Botch. Their 1999 album “We Are The Romans” inspired more metal bands then you can shake a stick at and is still on heavy rotation in my iTunes library. While all the members have gone on to other bands after Botch’s breakup in 2002, Narrows is the closest thing to Botch we’ve gotten since then. I couldn’t be happier.

Needless to say the video for “Gypsy Kids” is not safe for work. Or at the very least you should turn your computer screen away from anyone who can see it. “New Distances” is out now.


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