My Top 10 TV Show Box Sets

We all know that if we need recommendations for a good horror movie, or any kind of movie in general, this site is a good place to look. Also, almost all the writers here review individual shows currently on Television, but what about DVD box sets? Currently, I have finished off every box set I have ever added to my Netflix queue, and unfortunately, my addiction to quality TV is still running strong. Here is a list of a few gems leaning on the fantasy side that I have caught up with over the years. Feel free to add some of your own. I need to build up my queue.

10-FIREFLY: Joss Whedon's space epic only lasted one season, but it makes a compelling story when combined with the spin-off film, “Serenity” . It has one of the largest cult followings of a defunct TV show out there.

9- BEAST WARS- “Oh my god, did he throw on a Transformers computer animated cartoon at the top of his list?” Yes, I did. I am a huge “Transformers” fan, as I would imagine most of you who are around my age (mid- twenties) are. You could go back to the classic series, but “Beast Wars” actually has a very involved storyline, that pays off once you reach the end.

8-DOCTOR WHO- There is a reason Britain’s answer to “Star Trek” and “Star Wars” has such a tremendous audience. For all you horror fans, “Doctor Who” has some of the most original alien monsters out there. Not to mention that this newest incarnation of “Doctor Who” is one of the most imaginative shows still on television.

7-BABYLON 5- (God, I didn't realize how much of a dweeb I really am) Babylon 5 has won multiple Emmy's and Hugo awards (awards for Science Fiction stories). It's creator J. Michael Straczynski planned out the entire storyline for all five seasons before the show even started filming. Straczynski also received a mention in the Guinness book of world records, for writing the most consecutive television episodes in a row. He wrote every episode in the third season, and the majority of episodes in the fourth and fifth.

6- FARSCAPE- Forget saying “Frak” as a curse word, “Farscape” wrote the book on weird alien words being substituted for curses. You would be so absolutely lost, if you were to watch this series from any point besides the beginning, because of the shows hundreds of alien characters and out there concepts. “Farscape” is one of those beautiful shows where the good guys sometimes do horrible things, and the bad guys sometimes have very good points to their case. Not to mention that all of the creature work was done by the Jim Henson company. If you love “Labyrinth” or the “Dark Crystal”, please check out the first season of this amazing show.

5- AVATAR- Yet another cartoon added to the list. There are dozens of fantasy or comic book based films, made for adults, that are not as well written as this gem from Nickelodeon. I Challenge you to watch the first four episodes of the first season (or in the case of “Avatar”- the first four chapters of the first book) and not become hooked. I am worried about the fact that Shymalan is going to be directing a live action version of the show. But that is subject for another blog.

4-DEXTER- I don’t think I really have to say much about this show. Season 2 doesn’t get as much credit as I think it deserves. Michael C. Hall(Dexter) could read a list of ingredients off a soup can and I would be extremely interested. Going back to the possible choices for people to play the Riddler in the sequel to the “Dark Knight”, wouldn’t he just be an awesome, sadistic, Gotham City, criminal mastermind?

3-BATTLESTAR GALACTICA- Currently, the best show on Television, in my personal opinion. For a show about robots hunting people throughout space, “Battlestar” has some of the most realistic characterization in television and deals with extremely topical, as well as very mature ideals. It is so gritty at times, that it is painful to watch. Just to reiterate- THE BEST SHOW ON TELEVISION

2-HEROES- Now, “Battlestar” might be the best show on television, but “Heroes” is better to watch in the marathon type format that having a box set allows. Just like “Dexter” , Season 2 of “Heroes” is regarded as inferior to the first, but I leave that for you to be the judge of.

1- LOST- This is the show that started my obsession with watching DVD box sets straight through. I don’t know how all of you people who watched the individual episodes, when they were first on the air, were able to wait an entire week to see the next one. For a show whose viewer ship is made up of people who stand around the water cooler asking questions like “So why is their a polar bear on the island” and “What do you think the numbers mean?”, “Lost” is the perfect show to watch over and over again on DVD.



I was brought up an only child/only grandchild in a family obsessed with horror films. I am really good at creating terrifying scenarios in my head, which can sometimes lead to dissapointment while watching scary movies. I am a comic book writer, and my love for comics only slightly surpases my love for horror movies.