Motorhead gives new song "Outlaw" to TROMA for "Mr. Bricks"

Nothing is more metal than Lemmy Kilmister, and nothing says pure kick ass than Motorhead. Say what you will about Lemmy, but here's a man that can honestly say fame never changed him, he never forgot his beginnings, and he's always offered his support for things he loves, asking for nothing in return...well, maybe some Jack Daniels. But that's it!!

One thing Lemmy has always supported was Lloyd Kaufman and Troma Productions - and that hasn't changed. Mr Kaufman just announced that not only did Motorhead give Troma the use of their new song "Outlaw" for the upcoming film "Mr Bricks" - they gave it to them for FREE. Yes, that's correct. In this day and age of people asking "what can I get out of this?", Lemmy gave them the song for free. Yes, Virginia, there is a God. His name is Lemmy.

"Mr Bricks" is an upcoming Troma productions, dubbed as a heavy metal murder musical - you can check it out via its official page HERE.

And if you feel like cranking your speakers and throwing your devil horns in the air, have a listen to the song "Outlaw".

It's not news that Lemmy and Troma have a long, humorous history of working together. Lloyd Kaufman and the Troma Team presented Lemmy with a Tro-matic tribute at the 2010 North by Northeast Film Festival honoring all his hard work and patience over the years for his work in many Troma movie. Watch it below.


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