Mother of Tears

Okay I couldn't wait any longer so I watched "Mother of Tears" (badly compressed) online. I don't feel like giving a full review is fair because of the low quality of the rip I saw, but there are a few things worth saying, perhaps mostly for those on the fence.


Let's get the bad out of the way first...

Asia Argento is a pretty terrible actress, but she is not a waste as a screen presence....this is a point of view you either adopted or rejected after you saw 'Scarlet Diva".

Dario is still challenged around telling a story.

The worst group of extras I have seen at this level of production.

The 'Mother of Tears' , not a great nemesis in the flesh (oh, but the flesh doth look good!)

Production value wise it swings from some of Argento's best to Soap Opera plasticity to the worst of Backyard Wrestling.

The Good stuff...

A return to the great Argento gore and death set-pieces.

Some good Argento Fetishitic kill devices are in play.

Gore, gore, gore

Ample nudity

Argento doing his best Renato Polselli impersonation. In places this thing feels like "Delirium" and the "Reincarnation of Isabel" updated.

Overall, I do recommend this to all Argento fans and gorehounds. Yes, it's excruciatingly ridiculous in places but if you know the man's work that shouldn't be a problem.



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