Midnight Muenster

Do you love you some Podcasts? You must, you're still here right?

Well lucky you, starting this Sunday I'll be bringing you some more podcast love!

Midnight Muenster will be a weekly podcast starring Myself and my wife Colleen dedicated to direct to video horror features, independent horror features, cult flicks, obscure, and classics.

Look for full episodes every Sunday Night, with updates here on Cinema Fromage.com!

Now don't worry, I'll still be MC'ing the Bloody Good Podcast every week. Midnight Muenster's just our way over at Cinema Fromage to give extra love to those weird nuggets of horror history the attention they deserve!

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Writer/Podcast Host/Cheerleader

Falling in love with the sounds of his own voice, Casey can be found co-hosting the Bloody Good Horror Podcast, the spinoff Instomatic Podcast as well as the 1951 Down Place Podcast dedicated to Hammer Horror. Casey loves horror films of every budget and lives by his battle cry of 'I watch crap, so you don't have to.'

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