Midnight Movies, Please Come Home!

Of all the bygone phenomena of my youth I think none is more deeply mourned than the midnight movie.
I'm not just talking about the practice of theaters staying open late to show more daring movies, but the collapse of support, both consumer and investor for filmmakers who don't kowtow to test audiences and market data. Some of the slack has been taken up by digital auteurs but the golden era of odd films finding their way to niche audiences in broad presentation is past... or is it?
Stills from Marilyn Manson's project Phantasmagoria look promising but even more so, is his involvement, along with Nick Nolte ,Asia Argento and David Lynch, in the upcoming Alejandro Jodorowsky project 'King Shot' http://twitchfilm.net/archives/006746.html. Okay it's cautious optimism, as this has been in the works for years, but with Lynch's Absurda Films signing on to represent "King Shot' at Cannes, the necessary artillery may be in place to get this done.



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