Mecca in Rome?

After three weeks in Italy, you'd expect a person to come back bursting at the seams from the amazing food and awed by the art, artifact and arboreal splendor. I am sufficiently impressed with all that,but the highlight was a rainy Saturday morning at Profondo Rosso.
Profondo Rosso is the store/museum opened by Dario Argento and Luigi Cozzi to sell and honor the grand(ly ignored) traditions of Italian horror and fantasy cinema. And despite being a tiny little space on a Roman side street, it did not disappoint this ardent acolyte of spaghetti splatter. I took some photos, talked to Cozzi, who mans the store every morning and even got a little news on the upcoming Argento film 'Giallo'. Actually, I am sure the news is all common knowledge by now, but it was cool to chat with the longtime Argento collaborator, even if only briefly.
If you are ever in Rome make your way to Via Dei Gracchi #260, bask in dusty old dungeon of props and chat up one of the stalwarts of the Argento creative team. You might even be lucky enough to run into the 'Italian Hitchcock' himself if you are around on Halloween.
For what it is worth, Cozzi said that "Giallo" is done, cut, and awaiting a score, which Dario is working on in Bulgaria. Cozzi said he expects the film to be out in the states in February or March of '09.



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