Marty Friedman's...Pachinko Song?

I have no words for this. My brain is on overload. There are so many stereotypical bubblegum anime idioms in this video, they could collectively choke a police horse. I sent this same video in an email to some friends of mine, with the simple summary: "this is the single most amazing, embarrassingly Japanese thing I've ever seen...Watch the video. Watch it. I dare you."

If you can brush aside the colors, movement, big eyes, confusing animal creatures, speculations on tentacle monsters and all that other crap, this song is actually a joint effort of bombastic party rocker Andrew WK (singing in Japanese) and former Megadeth guitarist Marty Friedman. The song is the "reward" for achieving the highest possible score on a new, hotly anticipated (if it can be called such,) Japanese Pachinko game, which is to be released in the near future.

Marty, you recorded "Rust in Peace!" What the hell happened? And Andrew...well, okay, I might have expected this from you. But Marty?!

I guess I can't fault them for doing something different...(I actually met Andrew WK once, and he's a pretty gracious and mellow guy.)



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