Mario Kart Wii

Last week saw the release of many peoples justification for owning a Wii; Mario Kart.

Released on every Nintendo Platform made since the Super NES, Mario Kart as been THE pinnacle of cartoon kart racing. There's hasn't been a whole lot of others mind you, but for what there is, none hold a candle to this little Italian plumber and his lead foot.

Where the Gamecube introduced the concept of team racing in Double Dash, so too does Mario Kart innovate the tried and true formula. This time around we have tricks, this time we have online multi-player, and this time we have motor cycles. Hell yes, I said motorcycles.

Also thrown in to the mix is the well publicized notion of motion controls. Sold with the pack in Wii Wheel, you now not only get sucked into racking cartoon motorcycles at break neck speeds while hurling weapons at each you get to wave your hands about like an idiot. Looking like an idiot's a lot of fun though and so is the motion controls of Mario Kart Wii. Many feared the lack of precision in this current incarnation; there is some imprecision contained within. However, it's not noticible enough to detract from game play and culminates in Mario Kart Wii being well worth the wait for Wii owners across the globe.

I mentioned above that there is now Online play packed in with Mario Kart Wii! So, I issue you a challenge: Feel free to add me to your in game friend list (Gooch/0216-1419-3283) and challenge me at the track of your choice. That said, I don't claim to be the end all be all of Mario Kart; we'll have fun though and you'll get to tell your friends you got to smoke one of the BGH guy's at Mario Kart!


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