Lucha Minis Drugged to Death by Hookers

In this strange world we live in, there's news of the weird and news of the "seriously? no fucking way"! Earlier in the week, the good lord took Lucha minis La Parkita and El Espectrito, but not in a way that would warrant a tearful 10-bell salute.

Lucha mini wrestlers La Parkita and El Especrito [sic] (real names Alberto & Alejandro Jimenez) were found dead Monday inside a hotel room in Mexico City. According to local authorities, the two wrestlers had brought two prostitutes back to their hotel. The prostitutes drugged their drinks and then robbed them. The hotel clerk told police that he saw the four go into the room at around 6AM on Monday and that the two women left roughly 12 hours later. Due to their small size, the drugs ended up killing them. Both were 35.

It's terrible any way you cut it, but it's so completely ridiculous that it can't be ignored. I'm sure that these women of ill repute have a change purse full of roofies, and didn't for a second think that a simple swindle would lead to them becoming mini-murderers. There's a lesson to be learned from all of this, but thankfully it's one of those lessons that you can learn from very, very far away.

A Mexican Murder Mystery Featuring Masked Mini-Wrestlers A Roving Gang Of Hookers And Perez Hilton


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