Lost 5.4 "The Little Prince"

Hello 'Lost' fans,

Pete here from 'Comics Creepshow' and a few other TV show review blogs. Unfortunately, I have some bad news- we will be Schnaarsless for this particular 'Lost' episode. Don't worry, though, I may not be as eloquent as our fancy podcaster, but I am a New Yorker, and a huge Lostie (or whatever lame name 'Lost' fans call themselves). So, with a little change of format, let's get right into it....

The "Little Prince" that is referred to in this episode is Aaron Austin, Kate's son that she borrowed when Claire put him on Lay-a-way. If you were wondering who was behind the forced paternity test that Kate was going to have to take, it wasn't Claire's mother, as Jack and Kate had suspected. It was Island exile and mastermind, Ben Linus. It seems to be all part of his plan to reunite the Oceanic 6. What Ben doesn't know, is that Sun has recently received a package from Widmore. Inside is a gun hidden under some chocolates, symbolizing that soon, Sun might be getting some sweet sweet revenge on Ben.

In the "real world", we get a little more Sayid 'Bourne Ultimatum' action, as he takes out a man that was sent to abduct him, at the Hospital where Jack was helping him recover. The unnamed kidnapper said that he was carrying his employer's address in his wallet. It turns out the address he had written down was Kate's. This causes Jack to track Kate down and by the end of the episode Jack, Kate, Sayid and Ben are all brought together. The last thing we see from this side of the story, is Sun with the gun on her lap, ready to get out of her car and confront Ben.

Meanwhile, back on the Island.....

It turns out Charlotte isn't the only one who is suffering from the side effects of the time jumps. Both Juliet and Miles have bloody noses at this point. Locke, as always, has a solution. Now, he wants to take the group back to the Orchid station. His reasoning is that the Island became unhinged in time after Ben did something in the station. If they go back, they might be able to repair the damage that has been done.

Their first step is to travel to the shore and get the Zodiac raft ,which confused me, since wasn't it possible the raft wouldn't be there if there was another time jump? Along the way, Time jumps yet again. Our group is brought back to the time period of the first season. Sawyer witnesses the scene where Kate helps Claire give birth to Aaron and the entire group notices a huge spotlight shooting up from the trees.

Locke had to explain what the light was, because neither I, nor the people I was watching the show with could figure out where a beam of light fit into the show's history. In a nice little throwback to the first season, it turns out the light was shooting up from the Hatch, from the time right after Boone died, and Locke was at his wit's end.

The group makes it to the campsite, but it appears to have been raided. There are two long boats, or outriggers, sitting near the water. the group steals one outrigger for themselves. A few minutes later, they are chased by men with guns who are piloting the other boat. Before anyone can get shot, Time jumps once again. Now, Locke and his crew are caught in a violent storm in the ocean.

We cut away from our main characters for a few minutes, for probably the biggest reveal of the fifth season. At the same time as our group is struggling through the storm, a team of French scientists is making there way towards the Island. I can be a complete 'Lost' snob and say that as soon as I heard them speaking French, I knew it would be Rousseau's crew. The shocking element was who they found floating on a piece of wood in the ocean--- JIN!

I am happy that Jin is back, since he was one of my favorite characters. Other 'Lost' fans might not feel this way, though. Just in the group I was watching it with, there were some jeers. One question that was brought up was "How the hell did he survive the explosion on the freighter?!?" I am sure that in a future episode, we will see a flashback that shows Jin leaping to safety, right at the last minute.

All in All, this was a solid episode of 'Lost'. There was an excellent balance between what was going on the Island, as well as what was happening off of it. We got to witness Ben and some of his machinations, and even got a few words of wisdom from Locke, when he told Sawyer that the pain from the whole Boone experience made him the person he is today. Besides answers to eight hundred or so questions, what more could you ask for from an episode of 'Lost'?



I was brought up an only child/only grandchild in a family obsessed with horror films. I am really good at creating terrifying scenarios in my head, which can sometimes lead to dissapointment while watching scary movies. I am a comic book writer, and my love for comics only slightly surpases my love for horror movies.

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