List with a Twist: My Zombie Marathon

In the immortal words of John Oliver, “There have always been motherfuckers, there will always be motherfuckers, but what we can't do is let them control our motherfuckin' lives”.

December is here and there is a LOT going on!! After some fantastic input from so many if you on the site (anti-shenanigans for sure!), combined with some of personal zombie favorites, my 'Superzombie Fest' has officially started and it is already one for the ages.

Not only is the first film on our list NOT a zombie flick, it is, also the second movie on the list - totally Baracked it's way to the top as it was too good to pass up. See for yourself.

“Let the Right One In” (2008)
“Let the Right One In” (2008)
“Night of the Living Dead” (1968)
“Tombs of the Blind Dead” (1971)
“Return of the Blind Dead” (1973)
“The Ghost Galleon” (1974)
“Night of the Seagulls” (1975)
“Dawn of the Dead” (1978)
“Zombi 2” (Fulci’s ”Zombie”) (1979)
“Dead & Buried” (1981)
“Day of the Dead” (1985)
“Return of the Living Dead” (1985)
“Return of the Living Dead 2” (1988)
“Dead Alive” (1992)
“Return of the Living Dead 3” (1993)
“Dawn of the Dead” (2004)
“Zombie Strippers” (2008)

I have gotten myself a 'subject' (basically tricked my sister-in-law into believing she is a willing participant in my fun and games. Is that wrong?) She's super jumpy so this will be a blast.

My original plan was to try to burn through these during the month of December. Turns out December is near the holidays again this year, so I apparently am not going to be allowed to do the whole feeding-tube and colostomy-bag thing. another missed oppotunity. Besides, as part of their obvious effort to soften Daddy up , the little man and his Mother are dragging me down to Florida next week for Xmas with family. Something is afoot, "Listen! Do you smell something?"

OK, the list. Several of those are films that I have never seen and am very excited to get to! I mean c'mon, zombie flix, that have great cred, that I have never seen or at least don't remember seeing?!! Are you kidding? I can't imagine this will be anything but fuh-fucking-nominal! And if the way the marathon has started is any clue, I am on my way home for holidays indeed!

This brings us to the twist. I mentioned that the first film is not a zombie flick...there's a long story. Here's the short version: the wife and I caught “Let the right One In” at Film Streams.

For the long version, I will post a review soon. I have now seen the film a second time and am literally going to explode if I don't log something, so what the hell. The film is amazing.



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