"Leslie, My Name is Evil" final trailer

Premiering at the Toronto film festival September 14th, "Leslie, My Name is Evil" tells the story of Perry, a conservative engineer, who is chosen as a juror for the Manson girl's trial. He falls in love with Leslie, a former beauty queen and death cult member, when he first sees her and through the trial is confronted by the darker elements of society.

My opinion is a bit jaded on this subject after listening to John Waters speak about the need for Leslie Van Houten's release on NPR (don't laugh!) and her surprising release from prison last month, that it may be a bit insensitive to release this film so soon. I do have to admit though that the visuals look pretty superb and it is at least a different spin on the Manson killings. I'll most likely wait on this one, as it probably won't get a wide release and that way I won't feel as guilty months after the fact.



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