Last Minute Christmas Shopping? Shop Washed Away LA!

If you're looking for late-in-the-game Christmas presents, why not take a shot at the new clothing line from band-spanking new clothing company Washed Away LA? A little donation now can go a long way toward helping these guys get up and get started! Plus, they're pledging annual donations to help out some good causes. The line was started by friends of this site, so we're paying it forward to you guys to check it out!

Here's what they have to say for themselves:

"Washed Away, a Los Angeles based lifestyle brand inspired by surf, skate, music and art culture, has launched a kickstarter campaign to ask for your support as they look for help to launch their debut clothing line.

The minimalistic yet eye catching brand is providing supporters with various rewards, from t-shirts to handcrafted wooden beach signs to a private lunch with the creators themselves, in exchange for donations that will be used for various start-up costs that stand in the way of the brand taking the next step to production.

Washed Away's Kickstarter page, which can be found here, includes a personal video from the founder as well as a detailed description of the lifestyle brand's background and what they plan to do with the money donated.

You can stay up to date and interact with Washed Away on all of their social networks and view the debut collection at"

For more info:
Washed Away LA on Twitter
Washed Away LA on Facebook


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