Kurt Angle's "End Game," Yikes!

People that follow wrestling closely know that Kurt Angle, for all his gifts, is slowly drifting into the abyss of wrestling legend turned crazy person. After being booted from the WWE for "demons" (drug problems), he was scooped up by TNA who, at the time, was desperate for a big name talent to carry their roster. Unlike the WWE however, TNA has chosen to let Kurt do whatever his cooky heart desires. Apparently that includes costarring with Survivor turned Playboy Model turned TNA blowup doll Jenna Morasca, in North Shore Pictures' "End Game." The synopsis makes this movie sound downright... molester-y

An ill-tempered cop pursuing a psychopathic sexual killer becomes the target as he attempts to rescue his girlfriend and special-needs daughter from certain brutal death.

That just SOUNDS bad doesn't it? I was hoping that maybe the trailer would shed a positive light on a creepy (not in a good way) premise. Well, you be the judge.

...nope. "End Game" seems to be absolutely as weird as it sounds. For a guy who makes close to a million dollars a year, if not more, starring in this z-grade bullshit is not only confusing, but downright insane. I suppose Angle's piles of money preclude him from making discerning choices about his movie roles, but when you come off as more bootleg than a WWE film, you're in serious trouble. I would say that I might check this thing out when it's released out of sheer morbid curiosity, but I think I'm going to have to shower from now until that time just to be ready for it.

Kurt Angle's End Game


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