Kameo: Elements of Power

I'm a bit of what you would call an old school gamer, as far back as the days of Atari and Colecovision. This continued on throughout the years through the Dreamcast and PS2, as well as the PC. I tried for a few years to ride the World of Warcraft crack pipe as well as others, but over time I got tired of playing the upgrade game and said the hell with it. This dry spell lasted for a few years until this past Christmas with the arrival of my Xbox 360.

In addition to my recent post about the current rave Left 4 Dead, I've taken advantage of my late system adoption to go back through the three years worth of games that I've missed to fill my needs. After a recent trip to the GameStop I bought myself a new shooter, (having felt rather full of myself for beating Bioshock) which turned out to be....not so good. By not so good, it was then that I realized I was rather full of myself.


The Mrs. had decided to pick up Kameo: Elements of Power. With me being frustrated with the prospect of shooting bad guys in "Dark Sector", I decided to give this system launch title a spin.

The game has it's good points and bad points, but that's not really what I'm getting at here. The point is that this game held a power to bring back a side of myself I had forgotten from back in the days before the dry spell. Deep down inside? I was still a pissy little adolescent with a foul mouth that mom would be ashamed to hear!

When one looks at the cute and brightly colored characters shown above, it would be hard to believe that those same cuddly critters could bring a 34 year old man to standing in the middle of the living room flipping the bird at the TV with a hearty F-Bomb. With sheer frustration in the shoddy controls undermining the happy atmosphere contained within, the game becomes a quest to finish the main storyline so one can simply say; "HAHAHAHA EAT ME!"

And really, it's that bad. So bad that while my daughter loves to watch along since she's drawn to the colors and fluffy animals, she's learned that it's best to leave the room when daddy fires up the "Kameo". Even the dog, normally content to snore loudly at my feet during game time has started to give me a look that says "dude, chill out it's just a game...", or he runs to his house to hide thinking that he's in trouble again.

So, should you hear loud reverberating swear words emanating from the general central Indiana region, you can rest assured that there's a good chance I'm playing "Kameo". You can also rest assured that I'll beat this piece of shit as well, because at this point it has become my life's mission to shame this thing into defeat before I shatter it with a hammer.

Also, I'm not that vehement on "Left 4 Dead", so don't be afraid of the Vs. invites! Well, unless you're a fruity looking elf that turns into an animal.


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