Jane's Addiction Prepping New Album, Plus More!

*Icons of alternative and rock Jane's Addiction are prepping their new album, "The Great Escape Artist." The album will be the first studio material from the band in eight years, and features the iconic trio of Perry Farrell, Dave Navarro and Stephen Perkins (notice the lack of Eric Avery...evidently that bridge couldn't be rebuilt.) While there's no cement release date, the album is anticipated for a late summer arrival. In accordance with the announcement, the band released a video for cut "End to the Lies," directed by ShadowMachine Films (of "Robot Chicken" fame.) JA was also inducted into the Guitar Center RockWalk in Hollywood, now rubbing ethereal elbows with Elvis and Hendrix.

*On top of that, Jane's Addiction is putting together a contest with Guitar Center where bands can win a chance to open for JA on tour and get decked out in Guitar Center gear. To check the whole thing out, plus submit your band for consideration (and you should,) check out details here.

*Just a couple other odds and ends. Black Tide, the band of youngsters who was all the rage a couple summers back and is prepping to drop another album on the world, was just named to Metromix's "25 Hottest Artists Under 25" list. I assume they're referring to the band's musical acumen and potential, and not their, you know, physical attractiveness. But you know what happens when you assume...Anyway, expect their album "Post Mortem" on August 23rd.

*Sepultura, or whatever collection of musicians that is now called Sepultura, posted a track-by-track breakdown of their new album on their Facebook page a couple days ago. The album "Kairos" drops on the 12th, and while there was a time that would have been a momentus occasion for metal fans, that iron is now less hot for striking.

*Lastly but certainly not least from the "This Came In While I Was Away On Vacation But I Still Want To Get The Word Out Even Though It's Over A Week Old" department, rising US rock quartet Zeroking has released their EP "A Taste of Self-Destruction" through Vanity Music Group. All the cuts have been pulled from their upcoming sophomore effort "Kings of Self Destruction," which is expected September 27th.


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