"Jackboots for Jesus"

You see folks, this whole 'horror movie blogger' thing started as a lead in to another dream. For years I've said "I want to be a writer.", then never did anything about it. So, I started writing about movies. While I still love writing about movies, I needed more. Thus my 'short story' career was started.

It's been in the starting phases for a long time now.

So goes the biz though. Many rejections later, I received this tasty nugget in my inbox this afternoon:

"Thank you for your submission to 20 Cent Fiction's production of "The Jack" literary magazine. We please to announce that your short story "Jackboots for Jesus" will be included in this year's edition. Please look for the release of our publication at UMass Dartmouth in May, 2008."

So there you have it folks, yours truly, Casey Criswell is a short story author. If you're anywhere near the UMass Dartmouth campus, be sure to keep your eyes peeled for "The Jack" with my story "Jackboots for Jesus" contained within!

For those of you curious, "Jackboots for Jesus" is the tale of a nun with a night job: She's a vampire slayer!

Also for the record, keep your fingers crossed for me as we wait to hear back on some of my other submissions such as "Deep Lies the Murky Floor" and "A Fine Line"!


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Falling in love with the sounds of his own voice, Casey can be found co-hosting the Bloody Good Horror Podcast, the spinoff Instomatic Podcast as well as the 1951 Down Place Podcast dedicated to Hammer Horror. Casey loves horror films of every budget and lives by his battle cry of 'I watch crap, so you don't have to.'

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