IWrestledabearonce releases a...movie trailer?

Half-joke heavy metal band Iwrestledabearonce just popped out the movie trailer you see below for their upcoming feature "A Beary Scary Movie," which much like a good chunk of the band's catalogue, takes a tongue-in-cheek look at the world around it. In this case, the band has set their sights on the horror genre, releasing a trailer for a film that appears to be part gore-fest, part comedy and part straight up crude.

What's interesting to note (aside from the copious use of fart jokes,) is that lead singer Krysta Cameron has left the band since the completion of this movie, so it seems one of the principle characters in the film will not be sticking around. Also featured in the trailer and in the film is Shawn Crahan, more commonly known as "Clown" from Slipknot, who is recently popping up everywhere in the metal world as producer, mixer, musician and now actor. This guy is getting around, which parenthetically makes the observer wonder if the turbulence in Slipknot prior to their recent comeback is still going on, and Crahan is trying to set himself up for life after.

As horror movies seek to stay forever young and target that demographic, the idea for this film seems sound, regardless of the quality of the end product. Why not combine a cinematic genre geared toward teens with a musical band that the kids just love these days? From a marketing standpoint, this makes perfect sense, particularly in light in the fact that the soundtrack is practically built in, and horror films tends to borrow heavily from heavy metal in the first place. Century Media has very little to lose here. We'll have to keep an eye on this and see where it goes.

Jake Busey is in it, too. Good lord, he's starting to really look like his dad.


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