Is "The Strangers" a remake of "Them" (Ils)?

So next week on our podcast we're going to be talking about the French film "Them" (aka "Ils"). Some have claimed that the upcoming US release of "The Strangers" is an unofficial remake (read: ripoff), so we thought now was the perfect time to explore the issue.

So, take a look at these two trailers and see what you think. They're admittedly similar, but I have to say that the home invasion story isn't exactly new territory when it comes to horror films. I mean hell, they could both be ripping off "When a Stranger Calls" for all we know.

"The Strangers" comes out in about three weeks (May 30th) so the whole debate is sure to rage on for at least another month or so. In the meantime, "Them" is out on DVD now and available on Netflix, so check it out now so you can follow along with us next week!

Trailer for "Them"

Trailer for "The Strangers"

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