Iron Maiden Documentary!

New Iron Maiden documentary hits theatres in April. The entire thing is based on last year's "Somewhere Back in Time" tour, and from what I can tell, some of the video used is actually the same video that the band used on stage during their introduction.

Something I did know prior to reading about this documentary: The band had a custom built 757 to jet around the globe while on tour.

Something I didn't know prior to reading about this documentary: Bruce Dickinson was piloting it.

Really, how inadequate does Bruce want me to feel? Not only is the head-man for arguably the world's most famous metal band, not only is he filthy rich and astoundingly talented, not only is he perhaps the most scholarly metal artist in history (who may have actually raised the literacy rates among metal fans,) but oh, by the way, if I'm on a plane with him and the pilot suffers a heart attack, we're perfectly safe, he can jump right in.

Do you think he yells "In the name of God my father I fly!" at the top of his lungs when he boards the plane?


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