Linnea Quigley

Linnea Quigley is considered by many to be the ultimate Scream Queen from the 1980's. We chatted her up in 2004 to see what she was up to, and talk about her appearance in that year's indie flick "Corpses Are Forever."

Linnea Quigley

Yes Linnea does have regrets. Maybe It's not doing or giving enough, and missing things, and trusting too much, but its my nature to do that. And let me tell you, getting older is a bitch.

You do a few conventions a year, and are pretty accessible to your fans, what films do your fans seem to remember you from the most?

Yes i do some cons every year. I don't do a lot, but when I do them I always put them on the website so people will know where and when. It's definitely "Return of the Living Dead" people remember the most, and then I'd say "Night of the Demons."

On "Return of the Living Dead" (my favorite of your films), you're covered in full body paint for a good portion of the film, what was the makeup process like? Was it embarrassing to have someone painting your entire body?

The makeup went through a lot of stuff on that shoot. First the rain was destroying it, and then it would crack. I got so sick of it that after awhile it was just annoying, not really embarrassing. I couldn't wash it off at 6am when i got home and had to be back at the set at 4 the next day so it was a major pain.

I read that you were promised a role on the sequels to that film, but the producers never came through on their promise, do you still have hard feelings about that?

Sure I have hard feelings. They do that to actors so much... they get a good film out and then they pay them a bit and promise next time they will get more. They did it on "Night of the Demons" too and so it gets to you. Look, I know Kane (Hodder) is totally upset he was not cast in "Freddy vs Jason."

Besides Don Calfa (who is in your new film) do you stay in contact with any of your old castmembers from "Return of the Living Dead?"

Well, I just started getting email from James Karen and William Stout, and also Beverly (Tina). And I saw John Philbin (what a cutie) not long ago at a con, and also Jewels the DP who was brilliant, it was fun and I'd love to see them all again.

There's that famous scene in "Night of the Demons" involving your breast and a tube of lipstick. When you read that in the script what was your reaction? Did you think Kevin Tenney was crazy?

That scene I loved, I really did. I hated the face stuff (makeup) and all but i just thought it was cool. I like the bizarre stuff. He's (Kevin) such a nice guy too.

Your new film "Corpses Are Forever" stars a large number of your fellow recognizable horror actors, including Debbie Rochon, Brinke Stevens, Felissa Rose, Don Calfa etc...was it like a reunion working with all of those people?

Working on "Corpses Are Forever" was fun. Hanging with Don (Calfa) doing lines (you know, not the other kind) A weird fact is that today is my exact 3 year anniversary in Florida, which is weird. I felt sad since they were going back to LA and I was here, it was strange.

Can you tell us what the movie's about?

The movie started out as a short I did in black and white called "Nerve" and then he (Jose) made it into a feature movie. It's kinda James Bond and zombies. It was shot in 35mm. It's cool, and Jose is great guy too, very down to earth. I hope he makes it.

You've done a lot of movies with other "Scream Queens" and actresses, has there ever been somebody that you just didn't get a long with, any cat-fights ever break out?

No cat fights really, just situations where I wasn't showing respect for the other person I was working with.

Is your punk band still together? What are you guys up to these days?

Actually, the punk band is now in fact rehearsing. We just did some photos and Haydee is here with me in gator land with her 28 rescued animals, and she is still so good at bass. We're rehearsing and hope to play at a con soon. We'd like to play other places also, although we need a drummer. We're going over old and new songs now before we play any cons, so let drummers know we need someone. We did a cute video that sells on the website called "The Skirts Uncovered."

I read in a few places that you're a vegan, what does your menu look like on a typical day?

Well I've been so busy that it's whatever I can grab. I miss my LA soy blended mochas sooooo bad, but here i have pineapple pasta corn. I also have an awful sweet-tooth, oh man....

Haha, don't you ever miss eating meat? Like don't you ever just get the urge to bite into a big greasy hamburger?

No I never did get to miss eating meat. About a year ago I really missed eating tuna salad sandwiches. I don't know why but i did. But I'm totally off of meat, I can't think of this poor animal dying, to me it's worse then any horror movie.

We all know of your love for the furry friends, I read something once that I thought was unbelievable... you said: "I've given mouth-to-mouth to a lizard that was on bottom of pool and brought it back." There's got to be more to that story than just that, care to tell us about your mouth-to-mouth experience?

Its true! I was about to leave to go do USA "Up All Night" with Rhonda and saw this lizard at the bottom of the pool. So i dove in and got it, and got a straw, and started doing CPR and helped to get the water out. He even came to the set with me! He was a little snappy after that though, not very nice, but oh well.

I see you've done some producing in addition to acting, have you ever considered giving up acting for producing or directing?

I want to do documentaries so bad, and that's what I'm trying to do. I love that I really do and I find it very interesting. So, I'm working on it.

Do you ever wish that you weren't such a recognizable face? Ever want to go back to a time when you were anonymous?

I never wanted to go back. I guess I do wonder, and so do my parents, what would have happened if we stayed in Iowa. I mean I was so shy and I still am really.

At the end of the day, does Linnea have any regrets?

Yes Linnea does have regrets. Maybe It's not doing or giving enough, and missing things, and trusting too much, but its my nature to do that. And let me tell you, getting older is a bitch.

Finally, is there anything you're working on now, or that is already out that our readers should run out and buy? Any websites they should visit?

I'd say check the website to see what I'm doing. I did record guitar and vocals as well as wrote a song on one movie I did. The movie's almost done. Another cool site is, he is cool and has cool stuff. I don't have much time to do anything, I have no life. I miss LA but the beach is nice here and hopefully I'll be in full swing with this documentary soon and I'm doing a movie in Illinois in September called "Unaware."

Thanks for answering our questions Linnea, it's been fun.

Thanks for asking! Everyone should go to the site and e-mail me. I'm one of those "do-alls," I make jewelry, give mouth-to-mouth to lizards, and read tarot cards, so let me know what you need and I'll try to do it. Love to you all.

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