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Jane Jensen became the object of many a fan-boys dreams when she starred in TROMA studios 1995 masterpiece "Tromeo and Juliet". In the years since, she has focused more on her musical interests, but in this interview circa 2004 she sat down with us to reminisce about her time spent in TROMA-ville.

"Lloyd is really way ahead of anyone when it comes to shocking, disgusting, offensive and obscene gags and humor."

So, how did you meet Lloyd Kaufman, and win your role in Tromeo and Juliet?
I met Lloyd Kaufman during the audition process for "Tromeo And Juliet". I wrote a monologue for the audition called "Everything I Ever Needed to Know I Learned In Tromaville." I think that won him over. The monologue was pretty lame but he must have liked the title because he's got a book out now under the same name.
You have a few steamy scenes in the film, both with Will Keenan and Debbie Rochon, was there anything in the script that you had a problem with? Did you have any reservations about any of the nudity or sex scenes?
The toughest thing for me was the cow monster because of its extra masculine appendage. I just thought that was truly gross and I didn't think the public could relate to a cow with a penis. I argued with Lloyd and James Gunn over this for hours and we fell behind in shooting but finally I saw his point and understood his empathy toward monster animal hermaphrodite syndrome.
Yes, it's truly a tragedy. You and your love interest in the film Will Keenan seemed to have great chemistry together. Was that true even when the cameras turned off?
We got along very well. I really had a crush on him during the shoot - but that's as it should be considering it was a love story. We tried to keep our romance limited to the set.
Sounds hot, So what was it like working with Lloyd and the twisted geniuses over at TROMA?
Lloyd is really way ahead of anyone when it comes to shocking, disgusting, offensive and obscene gags and humor. He's always pushing (although I'm not sure if it's a good thing) further. I see so much of his humor watered down in teen flicks like "Scary Movie" and others too lame to mention. Anyway, spending time with Lloyd borders on the absurd and it is always a pleasure.
Are you a fan of TROMA? Have you seen any of their other movies?
I've seen the "Toxie" Series, "Terror Firmer", many others. At times I have to look away from the screen. Sometimes I hope I can forget what I've seen but I am a very big fan of that little independent film house on 9th Ave.
Was there ever a point when you felt any regret over starring in "Tromeo and Juliet"?
Usually when I wake up in the morning but I'm fine after I have my coffee.
TROMA shoots are notorious for being grueling experiences ... was it tough for you? Or were you pretty well accommodated during the shoot?
Grueling yes - because the work was hard. The monster make-up, dealing with rats and meile worms. Lots of crying - emotionally grueling. As far as accommodating - they took care of me very well.
How long did the Cow-Monster make-up take?
If I remember correctly - 5 hours to get on and 3 to get off. It was terrible and Will Keenan wouldn't sit by me during lunch break because he thought I was too ugly.
Many horror fans might not know that you're also a singer. In fact you decided to leave your deal with Interscope Records to record on an independent label... looking back, are you happy with that decision? How do you feel about the music you've made since then?
I've had more freedom independently and unfortunately the people I was working with at Interscope... I couldn't imagine those relationships growing into fruitful or beneficial situations for me professionally or creatively so this has been the better path for me.
So who are your biggest musical influences?
I think Johnny Cash is God's most perfect musical creation. My favorite pop album of this year is Flaming Lips. My influences are a long and convoluted list of everything from Hoagy Carmichael to Sonic Youth.....really random. Mostly I've listened to bluegrass and reggae since 2000. I love music with dark undertones or shamelessly happy like that Lem song "Sunshine" a few years ago. I also really enjoy doing "Flashdance" in my bedroom when no one is around and a good thumpin' Missy Elliott is always essential once in a while.
Thanks for answering our questions.
Thank you.

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