How Are Podcast Downloads?

Hey guys, as you probably know we're sort of in transition with our podcast syndication. Before we commit 100% to a new service though, I wanted to do an informal survey of our loyal readers to see if people are still having problems.

I have noticed that Podomatic has actually been a lot more reliable lately, and I want to see if that has been anyone else's experience. So, please do us a favor and leave your thoughts in the comments, so we can make the decision as to what to do. Have your downloads been more stable lately? Have you had any trouble getting the show?

For those wondering what I'm talking about, we have had sporadic complaints that Podomatic (through iTunes) cuts off our show mid download so people are only getting partial shows. It seems to happen randomly and can make keeping your iTunes organized a major pain in the ass.

So, let us know so we can figure out what to do. Thanks guys!

Eric N

Co-Founder / Editor-in-Chief / Podcast Host

Eric is the mad scientist behind the BGH podcast. He enjoys retro games, tiny dogs, eating fiber and anything whimsical.

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