Horror Shorts From the Youtube Screening Room

The Youtube Screening Room usually contains some pretty neat stuff, but this week, thanks to the vaguely anticipated horror movie, "Orphan", they are showing 4 horror/suspense films.

"Spider" is relationship based horror short with a nice twist ending. It made me clap outloud at work like a fool.

"Beyond Words" is a suspenseful short about a deaf woman who is being followed by a creepy man in her yoga class.

"Skeletons in the Closet" is a pretty lookin' Swedish mystery. Imagine "Saw," with the only puzzle being your own mind.

"Morsure (Bitten)" begins with a chase in the woods and ends up somewhere completely different.

My favorites are "Spider" and "Beyond Words", but it is certain that at least one of the shorts will touch your base.



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