Horror rules in this week's box office

"Chronicle" won this week's box office by raking in $21 million. Meanwhile, the remake of Hammer's "The Woman in Black", starring Danielle Radcliffe came in at #2 with $20 million. Those are estimates so they could always swap places by the time the hard numbers come in on Monday. Factor in that action/horror romp "The Grey" held strong at #3, and it was a pretty damn successful week for the genre. Sure, you could argue the legitimacy including "The Grey" as a horror film, but if you decide it doesn't count, I'm not going to be the one to tell Liam Neeson.

As for the big story this week, there seemed to be a lot of grumbling about "Chronicle" in the horror community once the trailers started hitting, most likely having to do with the disappointment felt as a result of another found footage flick, "The Devil Inside". Also, I'd venture a guess and say the good looking teen stars turned some people off. Some of us still haven't gotten over the late 90's, I get it. Still though, the trailer looked great to me and the buzz so far has been pretty positive. Find out what we thought next week when we sit down to review it on the podcast.

As for this week's topic, we'll congregate tomorrow night to break down "The Woman in Black", that is if Casey's head doesn't explode with excitement first. He is after all, our resident Hammer nerd. We should also be continuing our Livestream series on Thursday night at 7:30pm EST. It's your chance to ask the BGH gang all those intimate questions you normally only think in your head, sicko...

That's all for now. Stay safe out there, folks, from your Editor in Chief.

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