Horror Meets Comedy Ep. 1 - "Blue Like You"

NOTE: The following episodes are listed in the order that they are designated on XBOX live, and do not neccesarily designate their order of release. The episode lists have differed on every site that I've looked at, including the XBOX site.

"Horror Meets Comedy" is a series of short film pilots that are available exclusively on XBOX Live. Episodes have been periodically released through the fall and winter, boasting current horror directors like James Gunn (Slither) and Adam Green (Hatchet). Over the next few weeks, I'll be sampling the series to see if these horror giants really have the comedy chops to match their horror cred.

Episode 1: Blue Like You

Directed By: Lucky McKee


From director Lucky McKee, Blue Like You follows the antics of old friends Patrick and Cyndy as they get to know their mysterious and extraordinary new friend Blue, a beautiful young woman who doesn't seem to understand how the simplest of things work.

Fans of McKee's other work, most notably "May," will feel right at home with "Blue Like You." In fact, the character of Blue does bear a strange resemblance to the namesake of "May" in both her naivete and charm. Angela Bettis also has a starring role as Blue's friend Cyndy, which should be no surprise to fans of McKee's other work.

I had mixed expectations going into this short. I LOVED "May" when I saw it years ago, but haven't had a chance to see any of McKee's other films. This was also the first short of the series, so I was hoping to not be soured from the outset. Thankfully, "Blue Like You" starts the series off on a funny, if somewhat underwhelming note. Although the silliness almost reaches nauseating levels throughout, the ending is worth the price of admission alone. It also proves that you can take the director out of horror, but you can't the the horror out of the director. I would recommend not watching the trailer to preserve the impact of the ending. Overall, "Blue Like You" isn't such a bad way to spend 10 minutes, and it's free to boot, so get to downloading!


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