Horror Makes it's Way to the Mtv Movie Awards

If you watched TRL this morning you probably know this already but the Mtv movie awards have announced their list of nominations and this year they have a special "Best Scared-As-S**t Performance" category. They use funny little star symbols because it's more adorable then just coming right out and saying shit. See?

For those of you interested here's the list of nominee's:

Alison Lohman - "Drag Me to Hell"
Amanda Seyfried - "Jennifer's Body"
Jesse Eisenberg - "Zombieland"
Katie Featherston - "Paranormal Activity"
Sharlto Copley - "District 9"

I'm sure we could all think of some better nominees but it's still nice to see an entire category dedicated to horror. Even if it does have a dumb-ass title. I should also note that Zombie Bill Murry is nominated for "Best WTF Moment". That's not even a joke.

You can cast your vote for all the categories over at Mtv.com and watch the live show on June 6th.


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