Horror Hound!

So, I totally balked on updating this all weekend folks. You can thank a combination of beer and shenanigans for that. As we speak though I'm uploading all 100 of my photos to my Flickr stream and I'll be posting a new blog with those shortly. Let's just say this, Horror Hound Weekend March 2008 was LEGENDARY. More soon.

UPDATE 1 - Friday 2:00pm

Eric again! The second flight was long as hell but thankfully no toe-fingers... so, I've got that going for me. Just got into the hotel about an hour ago and I've already had my first sighting.

While eating lunch at the hotel restaurant I began to pick up the sweet serenade of a familiar voice... Bill Moseley. I've been in the general vicinity of this guy a whole handful of times now, and I have to say you never shake the feeling that at any moment he'll turn and scream "Run Rabbit! Run Rabbit!" at you. It's sort of a chilling feeling.

But no... I couldn't see him, but I could hear him talking about health insurance. Not very exciting, until he looked out the window, spotted a Cardinal (apparently the Indiana State bird?), and proceeded to walk outside to attempt to "call" to it. Trust me people, I couldn't make this shit up.

Mark and Casey are in about 6 and Jon will be in tonight around 10. So, I'm off to nap in anticipation of plenty of shenanigans tonight. Speaking of shenanigans, Anti-shenanigans go out to the Indianapolis airport police, who now ride around on Segways. Sweet.

Check in later!

Hey folks, Eric here. As you may or may not know, the entire BGH crew is currently en route to Indianapolis for the March Horror Hound Weekend.

I flew out of West Palm Beach this morning and am currently sitting in an airport in Tampa Bay. The morning flight was fairly uneventful, except of course for the woman who put her hand on my seat as we were exiting, who I'm pretty sure had one of her finger tips replaced with a toe. There are only a few things on this earth that can rouse me to a vomitous state almost immediately, and that's one of them. So, thanks toe lady.

That said, you've probably noticed the new digs. As mentioned on the splash page, your patience as we work out the bugs is highly appreciated. I noticed a slight issue with logging in to comment this morning. It's important to note, if you were registered on the old site... YOU NEED TO REREGISTER. Everything from that old site is gone, so unfortunately we couldn't do it ourselves. If you're having trouble commenting through the popup, try clicking on "Register" again at the top of the page and there should be a login tab from there.

Once you do that there are some great networking features we've added and of course, avatars and the like. Be sure to scroll down on the home page and check out our blogs as well. We've already got a backlog of stuff for you to check out while you try and waste away your Friday at work.

Expect exhausted/drunken posts to continue throughout the weekend. You can just keep checking back on this thread for updates. Tomorrow the crew will probably be checking out the French film "Inside", and then "Jack Brooks Monster Slayer". The plan is to do audio roundtables on each from Indy, and then upload it next week as part of the podcast. So keep your eyes peeled!

And wish us all luck on our traveling today. I'm praying to the almighty lord that I've seen the last toe/finger for the day. I don't ask for much, so I'm hoping he humors me on this one.

If you're headed out to the Con, see you soon!

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