Hi my name is Joe and I’m a chronic bed wetter

Or is it I have a drinking problem? I can never really remember. But that is neither here nor there. I'm here to introduce myself as the newest gang member of the Bloody Good Horror crew. First off I can get your initial question out of the way by saying I was beaten into the gang. I want people to respect me here and being sexed in just isn’t the way to start things off. I live with my wife in the beautiful state of New Jersey and work in the big NYC at a job I’m not even sure how to explain so I won’t even bother.

I was brought into the world of horror at an early age by my brother and a local video store in upstate NY. Growing up in the heyday of Jason, Freddy and Michael Myers I've always been a big fan of slasher flicks and thanks to this site I’ve recently jumped back into the genre.

Outside of horror films, I’m also a big beer geek. I try to update my own blog www.beerandjoe.com daily with my drunken ramblings, beer reviews and general beer fun. I’m also into music (mostly metal and rap), video games, and generally anything else that can be done from my couch. I know ladies it’s upsetting I’ve already been scooped up by someone.

That just about covers me so let’s wrap this sucker up. I hope you all bear with me and what some would consider a 3rd-grade writing level. Please, let me put my posts in you?


Podcast Co-Host/Writer/Beer Drinker Extraordinaire

Drinking beer I enjoy for good time and make relaxation for everyone. Disney World is my land favorite time for me. Horror movies? Yes. That’s me for a nutshell.

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