Henriksen Talks "Near Dark" redux

You've gotta love Lance Henriksen, man. It's hard to think of someone else so willing to toil away in the direct to DVD horror world, while at the same time having some pretty serious cred with fans as a cult favorite. Dread Central recently spoke to him about a number of subjects, but the following quote caught me. I love his enthusiasm, but somehow I don't think he was the first person they called...

“The minute I heard about them doing something new with Near Dark, I called up Bill (Paxton- who also stars in the film) and we talked about how the first thing these people should be doing is talking to us,” he explained,. “I personally think that if they are going to go back to this story, they should do a prequel on the family to see all of their exploits before the original film.”

I'm willing to bet that the next line in that Paxton conversation was Bill saying, "who's this again?" That, and this is the kind of quote that only an actor could come up with. Still, it seems like with every remake that comes out, our philosophies on them seem to ebb and flow with the quality of whatever the last one you saw was. As evidenced by recent podcast discussions, most of us are exhausted with even talking about it. Still, "Near Dark" seems like a particularly hard best to tame when it comes to retelling the story. On that at least, Henriksen is probably right.

As far as his recent work, expect a review of "Screamers 2", tomorrow. Casey was a fan of the original, and will be letting us all know if the sequel is worth it.

Lance Henriksen Talks Screamers 2

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